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How to Save Money on Summertime Utilities

Looking to save a little money this summer? By making a few minor changes at home, you may find you’ll spend a lot less on utilities. Check out these tips below, if you want to reduce your summer utility costs: 

Use Air-Conditioning Wisely

If you forget to turn on the AC on a particularly hot day, you might be tempted to set it to 60°F when you get home from work. But lowering the thermostat won’t cool your apartment more quickly – it’ll just burn more energy. Lower the thermostat incrementally, and aim to keep it set at 78°F to 80°F, for maximum efficiency. 

Use Ceiling Fans

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, when you use a ceiling fan, you can raise the thermostat by about 4 degrees without feeling warmer. Set the ceiling fan switch to forward/counter-clockwise, to force cooler air downward into your living space. 

Limit Appliance Usage in Hot Weather

Ovens and dishwashers generate a lot of heat, which in turn makes your air conditioner work harder to cool your apartment. If you can, avoid using those appliances on hot days. 

Turn off Audio-Visual Components

Modern stereo system components, computers, and other electronics are never truly “off” unless they’re disconnected from a power source. These devices can use a lot of electricity, even when not in use. To save money on your electric bill, plug components into a power strip, so you can easily turn them all off at the same time, and turn them off before you leave the house and before going to bed. 

Remember to unplug phone chargers, too – a charger plugged into a socket is using electricity, regardless of whether your phone is charging.

Use Natural Light

When possible, don’t use electric lighting during the day. Open your blinds to allow soft light (but not direct sunshine) in. And close blinds when the direct sunlight hits your windows.

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