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We invite you to contact us via phone and email. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our new guidelines.

5 Home Organization Tips

Simple Ways to Straighten-Up

The Wylde at Eagle Creek has spacious, newly remodeled apartments with inviting floor plans. If you’re moving here soon, you’ll be going through all your belongings anyway, so use that opportunity to rethink your organization.

To help make the most of your new space, check out these five hacks for better home organization … especially helpful if you're recently enjoying a downsize!

1. Use Baskets

Looking for a storage solution that’s also decorative? Get a few coordinating baskets. They’re perfect for storing items like towels, bed linens, and extra blankets. 

2. Compartmentalize

Make good use of your walk-in closet and cabinet space by adding stackable organizers or small containers. You can also use labeled countertop containers for items like sugar, flour, and coffee, so you can free up more cabinet space.  

3. Declutter

No matter where you're coming from, moving into an apartment is a great opportunity to take stock and get rid of things you don't need. Decluttering also makes home organization much easier, since there's less "stuff" and more space.

5. Add a Hanging Shoe Rack

Organizing your shoes in a hanging shoe rack allows you to take advantage of the otherwise empty vertical space behind your closet door. This frees up valuable floor space in your closet and prevents you from ever having to scrounge around for a matching pair!

Depending on the style, you can also use shoe racks for "off-label" purposes, such as holding cosmetic or personal-care products.

See Your New Home

Are you ready to see your new apartment at The Wylde? Tours are now easier than ever! You can use the tour24 self-guided tour app or our own virtual tour application to see The Wylde from wherever you may be. Just give us a call at (317) 293-8559 to get the details.

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